Study Abroad?

Which country, which University or which course to study?

Answering this question could be a hideous and difficult task. We are here to help you choose the right country, college and course. We not only assist with college selection, but we will take care of all the necessary steps required to reach the destination college from application to college joining.

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Our Students love us

Our study abroad program was founded with an aim of providing exciting new opportunities to students for their education and future career needs. When our dreams have no boundaries, then why should we confine our education to borders? When students get admitted to top ranked universities and colleges in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Europe; boundaries of borders cease to exist.

Top Countries to Study

“It always seems impossible until it’s done..”

– Nelson Mandela





New Zealand


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Our students have always loved us. Their belief in us keeps us going and making EEMC better every day.

Hi Folks, I really appreciate having a helping hand to guide you in your student immigration process. It is lengthy, not easy and demands patience but it is so much worth paying the price given your reward. Throughout the process I could reach out my counsellor, Ankit, at free will. He helped me write an evidence based SOP and also assisted me in selecting a course which matched most of my preferences. In addition, his willingness to remain constantly in touch helped me streamline the paperwork (the ugly part of the process) and look into multiple financial assistance resources. I am grateful for his support, and recommend anyone who's truly looking out there to make the best of their immigration experience to definitely seek help!
Bachelor of Advanced Computing & Commerce, University of Sydney, Australia
Hello students,
Australia is a popular destination for international students with quality education and reputed universities. EEMC helped me in choosing the most appropriate University for my course. I am pursuing masters of engineering specializing in environmental engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) which has been ranked 11 in the world for civil and environmental engineering. EEMC helped me a lot with preparation, planning and visa application. They provided information when I had questions relating to my studies, accommodation, student offers etc. I appreciate the guidance and support provided by EEMC.
Vasudha Gupta
Masters of Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia
Positivity, understanding, and focus are some characteristics that I experienced when consulting with my guidance counsellor, Ankit. There was a time when I was not certain of getting admission in good universities, but his experience, confidence, and dedication helped me get where I am. All I can say is that you and your future will be in good hands. EEMC will help you get to the best of the best college and Ankit is always there for your help, be it any time. It is Ankit who guided me and helped me and because of him I am in University of Toronto and pursuing my dream career.
Tanveer Singh Soni
BSc. in Life Sciences (Biological and Neuroscience), University of Toronto, Canada
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Why Choose EEMC?

Complete Hand holding

Leave every thing to us. Just relax and prepare. We will handle all the paperwork. From counselling to landing, we would be always with you.

100% Assurance

EEMC was founded to give complete guidance and services where we ensure if you get associated with us, we will fulfill your dreams and you don't have to compromise.

Hassle Free Processing

Be it your student visa or Permanent Resident visa, we take every case as our priority. With a success rate of 99.9% we assure you that you would land where you are destined to.

Initial File Evaluation

For hassle free processing our 1st step is to evaluate your profile and guide you in the right direction. No matter how difficult the case is, we try our best. With our high success rate we believe in our self.

Specialized in Rejected Cases

Lots of visas gets rejected on account of various factors. We try to understand every case in depth and with proper guidance from legal firms we ensure your safe landing.

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to connect with us for any queries. Our team is dedicated and ready to help all our clients

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